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Mailing Software

Mailing Software for data hygiene and postal presorting

AccuZIP6 bulk mail postal software will save you valuable time and money. Import your address lists and perform all the necessary steps to achieve a clean mailing list all from within the program in an easy-to-use interface. Reduce the number of returns you receive, and eliminate addresses that will never reach their intended recipient or location before that piece even hits the mail stream.  Obtain the lowest possible postage rates by standardizing and presorting your lists. Print Intelligent Mail® Barcodes with your new, standardized addresses on all your mailpieces.  Do all of this, and more, right in one program.

  • Data Cleansing

    Data Cleansing

    Prepare data for mailing with address correction and duplicate removal

  • Postal Sorting

    Postal Presorting

    Once the data is clean,  presort for lowest possible postage rates

  • Print or export data in presort order with IM Barcodes

    Address Printing

    Export or print addresses in presort order, ready to place in containers 

  • Print container tags and postal reports

    Tags and Reports

    Print container tags and hard copy postal paperwork or submit it electronically 

clean your data

Data Cleansing

The most important part of any successful direct mail program is your data. Out-of-date or unverified data not only waste money on postage and materials, but if your mailpiece does not make it to its intended recipient, you receive no return on investment (ROI).
With AccuZIP6, run your lists through CASS Certified™ address verification and NCOALink® Move Update Processing. Both services meet USPS® requirements for mailing. Use these to standardize and verify addresses, identify undeliverable and unoccupied addresses, and update your data to the newest address for those who have moved.

Presort your mail to save money on postage

Postage Savings with Presort

The presort feature in AccuZIP6 is PAVE™ GOLD Certified. Accurately and quickly prepare and sort your bulk mail to take advantage of the lowest postage rates available. AccuZIP6 supports all types of First-Class Mail®, Periodical Mail, USPS Marketing Mail® (formerly Standard Mail®), and Bound Printed Matter including postcards, letters, flats, and parcels. You can prepare all necessary reports, container tags, and postal statements right from within AccuZIP6. Save your most commonly used presort settings as templates to quickly presort future bulk mailings with the same settings.

drop ship to save more

Increase Savings by Drop Shipping

Increase postal discounts and speed delivery time by dropping mail directly at USPS destination entry points (SCF, DDU, and NDC).  You can set minimum piece cost thresholds for each USPS facility by using AccuZIP6 drop ship tables.  Create drop shipments only when postal savings outweigh the cost of trips to each facility.

mail to every address in a geographical area

Every Door Direct Mail®

For customers who want to cover a targeted area with a direct mail campaign, AccuZIP6 makes Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM®) jobs easy. Generate EDDM lists for multiple ZIP™ codes directly from AccuZIP6.  Quickly eliminate the routes you don't want to mail. Presort and prepare all necessary paperwork including facing slips.

print all your addresses in presort order

Address Printing in Presort Order

AccuZIP6 can export data in many formats all while maintaining the presorted order of your bulk mailing. The file remains in presorted order whether you print directly from the software or import the final list into a variable data or mail merge program. Print any field that you imported from your original list, along with the Intelligent Mail® barcode, directly onto the mailpiece. Whether you print out of AccuZIP6 bulk mail software or export, you can include the endorsement information, container number, piece number, container marks to pause printing, and more.

automation saves time and money

Automate Tasks with Scripting

With AccuZIP6’s unique scripting feature, you can automate the data cleansing and presort features of the software. Create multiple scripts for use with different mailing settings and mailpiece sizes. For a more robust experience, utilize the Script Monitor to simply and easily drop data files into “watch folders” to run several scripts simultaneously. The ability to create emails with file attachments and text alerts within those scripts provides even more automation, making the powerful AccuZIP6 postal software a complete hands-off direct mail workflow system.

training a support included

Training and Support

Once you become a customer, you become our partner. We want our partners to feel comfortable and confident using our software. There is no need to worry about taking notes or remembering your initial training. Our team records your session and sends you the video to reference as needed. And we don’t stop there. If you need us three days or three years after your purchase, our support staff is always available through live chat, email, and phone. You will always get a live person during office hours!

updates are easy

AccuZIP6 Software Updates

We constantly strive to improve our software. Updates are provided every two months through a download link and on DVD. In addition to the latest software, these updates also include all new USPS® database files, postal regulations, and postage rates. In between the bimonthly updates, we also release small patches and important updates which can be located on the AccuZIP6 Updates web page.

your information is secure

A Culture Where Privacy and Security are Paramount

AccuZIP, Inc. was recently awarded attestations in compliance with HIPAA, HITECH and SOC 2 Type I standards, the leading security standards for software as a service industry.

With AccuZIP, Inc., all data storage and processing is performed in-house without the reliance on external data centers. At AccuZIP, Inc., the belief is in transparency and clear communication regarding security, including compliance audits at all ends of the process.

your price never goes up.

Price Lock Guarantee

Take advantage of the opportunity to lock in your purchase price! 

As long as you remain a customer in good standing, we guarantee your renewal cost will never increase!

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  • Standard

    All-In-One Postal Software

  • Business

    Unlimited NCOALink Move Update Processing

  • Full Service

    Direct Mail Processing with IMB Tracing®

  • Professional

    Ideal for Large Volume Mailers Who Palletize

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