AccuZIP Product of the Month

AccuZIP6 Tags Module

Tray Tag

The Tags Module allows you to produce the container tags without processing the customer's list with AccuZIP6!

  1. Produce one or many Barcoded Tray or Sack Tags
  2. No Database or Presorting required
  3. Save all Tag Information for future retrieval

Key Benefits

  • No database or presorting required
  • Print one or multiple copies of the same Tag
  • Supports multiple Container Typess: 1-FT, 2-FT, EMM, Trays, Sacks and Flat Tubs
  • Low-Cost/One-Time fee quickly pays for itself in compliance, ease of use and postage savings realized
  • Already integrated into AccuZIP6. Simply Activate it to begin using it today!

Tag Setup

Simply input your entry pointís ZIP Code, select the class of mail and the mailpiece size and the Tags Module populates the Container Level Pull Down Menu to match. Add any custom message you wish or leave it blank. The power, ease of use and flexibility are endless.

Call us today for more information or to purchase this add-on module for a one-time fee of $399.

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