Full Service Intelligent Mail required in January 2014

Mail.dat is FREE for AccuZIP6 Postal Software users

Intelligent Mail Barcode on mailpieces and tags and Electronic Mailing Documentation (mail.dat) will be required for automation discounts in 2014

The Postal Service is planning to move to the Full-Service Intelligent Mail® option to access automation prices for letters, postcards and flats, effective January 2014. The "Full-Service" Intelligent Mail program requires use of unique Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMb™) applied to letter, postcard and flat mailpieces, trays, sacks, and containers, such as pallets, and submission of electronic mailing documentation. This plan includes the transition to the use of eDocumentation and the full use of the 24-digit tray label Intelligent Mail barcode format.

The United States Postal Service® (USPS®) has adopted the Mail.dat® format for use in its PostalOne! program. PostalOne! allows mailers to submit data electronically in Mail.dat format to the USPS for postal acceptance and payment purposes.

Receiving and analyzing this information electronically instead of in the current hard-copy format will speed mail acceptance processing time while reducing costs. The PostalOne! program also reduces bottlenecks in mail handling facilities by providing more information related to logistical requirements, therefore improving the efficiency of mail delivery nationwide.

AccuZIP6 5.0 creates Mail.dat output (13-1 specifications) so that you can take advantage of the benefits for every class of mail that AccuZIP6 5.0 supports.

The Mail.dat module runs automatically in AccuZIP6.

With the Mail.dat module built into AccuZIP6, simply presort your list, and the maildat files will be created in your database's presort folder. No need to check any boxes to create the maildat files.

Once the presort has completed, simply print your tags and reports to PDF, open the presort folder and upload the maildat files using the PostalOne! system.

AccuZIP6 5.0 MAIL.DAT files have been tested thoroughly with:

Monticello Software - Maildb
Window Book – DAT-MAIL
PostalOne! – The Test Environment for Mailers (TEM)


Mail.dat is one of the five requirements of full-service compliance

Domestic Mail Manual: Full-Service Automation Option

Full-Service Automation Option

24.2  Eligibility Standards 
First-Class Mail, Periodicals, and Standard Mail letters and flats and Bound Printed Matter flats meeting eligibility requirements for automation or carrier route prices, except for Standard Mail ECR saturation flats or Standard Mail ECR letters paying ECR flats prices, are eligible for the full-service automation option. All pieces entered under the full-service automation option must: 

a. Bear a unique Intelligent Mail barcode. 

b. Be part of a mailing using unique Intelligent Mail tray labels on all trays and sacks. 

c. Be part of a mailing using unique Intelligent Mail container barcodes on all destination-entry pallets and other containers prepared under 8.0 or as part of a customer/supplier agreement. A customer/supplier agreement is authorized with a service agreement signed by the mailer, the USPS District Manager, Customer Service, and the USPS Processing and Distribution Center manager. The service agreement contains provisions regarding mailer and USPS responsibilities. 

d. Be part of a mailing using an approved electronic method to transmit a postage statement and mailing documentation to the PostalOne! system. 

e. Be scheduled for an appointment through the Facility Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST) system when deposited as a DBMC, DADC, or DSCF drop-shipment.